Arogya Rakshak Diwali Bhet Yojana - आरोग्य रक्षक दिवाळी भेट योजना
Arogya Rakshak Yojana : Arogya Rakshak is the backbone of Kalyan Ashram activities, he/she is the one who faces all types of problems in the Tribal areas like a bhartiya sainik deployed at the borders to protect our Nation. An arogya rakshak is a young man/woman who is more educated than the rest of the rural village, he is given a medicine kit along with training for first aid treatment of the people living in the village. He also serves as a go to person in the village who conducts Shraddha Jagran activities, gram vikas activities as well as khel-kud activities. As part of Urban population it is the duty of Nagariya Samitis to provide strong supply and support lines to our rural volunteers.

What is Aarogya Rakshak Yojana - (download PDF)

There are 866 arogya rakshaks in Paschim Maharashtra Prant. As Diwali is approaching, Kalyan Ashram plans to give a small gift item (Shirt and pant piece with a packet of Diwali Faral) of Rs. 500 only to each arogya rakshak. Funds need to be raised of worth 866 (no. of arogya rakshaks) * 500 (gift amount), which comes to around Rs. 5 lakhs.

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Who We Are
Established in 1952 in Jashpur, Madhya Pradesh, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram is a non profit organisation committed towards upliftment of vanvasi (tribal community) in India. Thousands of devoted volunteers across 447 Districts, 52323 Villages across India work unanimously towards building "Samarth Bharat" in true sense.
What We Do
We work across several categories - known as Aayam - which include : Education, Resident Schools & Hostels, Water (conservation & management), Health, Sports, Rural Development, Culture Preservation, Industrial Training Centers, Agricultural Development Centers, Self Help Groups, Saving Groups (Bachat Gat) - and more.

What is Kalyan Ashram, Who We Are and What We Do

Jaldoot - joint initiative of Seva Vardhini and Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram

An important differentiator between #Jaldoot and other social initiatives is “people’s participation”. #Sevavardhini insists that the community benefiting from the project should also contribute to it. Either by giving money, material, machinery or at least by doing labour work. There is a greater sense of “ownership” when the community participates, rather than simply getting something as a donation. This also increases the “sustainability” of the work. Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram - Nashik, our partner organization realized this difference. In Jaldoot 2.0, they worked in two villages, viz. #Murumhati and Ragatvihir. Both showed excellent results and their Jaldoots won the first and second prize respectively in the internal evaluation. Krishna and Haridas Raut from #Murumhati and Yogesh and Ajit Gavit from #Ragatvihir are already contributing outside of their villages too. We congratulate the Jaldoots and Kalyan Ashram on their achievements and wish them success in the future. We are looking to develop more such people and partners who take this concept further.

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Current Ongoing Projects in Pashchim Prant

Girls Hostel for 325 StudentsGuhi, Tal. Surgana, Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra, INDIA

3 Check Damsin Peth, Surgana and Kalvan Talukas, District Nashik, Maharashtra

Finished Projects in Paschim Prant

Boys Hostel for 250 StudentsGuhi, Tal. Surgana, Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra, INDIA

Toilet Block containing 10 toilets, 10 bathrooms, 10 urinals, 10 basinsGuhi, Tal. Surgana, Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra, INDIA

9 Check DamsIn Peth Taluka, Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra, INDIA

VKA Engineers GroupWork At Glance

How You Can Help

We need hands to actually work on various projects, people with expertise to guide us through various situations and most importantly, funds to carry out various projects


Be A Volunteer

Please donate your Time. We need volunteers to work on various projects. Only qualification required is Passion To Give Back to the Society

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Donate Skills

Are you a Doctor, Architect, Engineer, Designer, Teacher or possess any other professional skills ? We would love to get your professional guidance
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Donate in Kind

You may donate in kind by providing us with raw food items, clothing, educational equipments, dormitory material, stationery,office supplies & more.
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Donate Money

We need money to carry out various projects. Please donate as much as you can towards this noble cause. All donations are exempted under IT Act 80G
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Schools, Hostels, Check dams, Gram Vikas - we have finished projects under these categories under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Inform your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours about us. Shout out loud on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & other Social Media about us.
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