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Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram runs 19 hostels for Vanavasi children. Apart from those 19 hostels, Ashram has 2 Cottage schools (Guhi in Nashik district and Mangaon in Raigad district) receiving grants a total of 1400 students (boys and girls) are receiving education and cultural values in these institutions. Apart from these institutions, several kindergartens and value schools are making lasting impression over budding children.

The district wise Major activities can be enumerated as:
1) Thane District:
The District, the hilly terrain has considerable population of Vanavasis; main tribes being Kokana, Malhar Koli, Warli, Katkari, Dhodi and Thakurs.
The Ashram runs 3 Boy’s Hostels in the District
1) Vikramgad established in 1980: 42 Boys
2) Chalatwad established in 1979: 33 Boys
3) Beriste established in 1979: 25 Boys

2) Raigad District:
The Vanavasi population in the district comprises of Katkari, Thakar and Mahadeo Koli tribes.
There are 3 Hostels, 2 Cottage schools (1 secondary and 1 primary)
1) Jambhiwali established in 1979
2) Chinchawli established in 1980
3) Kothimbe established in 1983
1) Mangaon Cottage School was established in 1998

3) Pune District:
In contrast to the second most developed City in the State, the district also has large Vanavasi population comprising of Mahadeo Koli, Thakar and Bhill tribes.
In this district the Ashram runs Boy’s Hostel.
1) Bhor established in 1981, which houses 22 Boys

4) Nashik District:
The district has large Vanavasi population of Warli, Kokana, Mahadeo Koli and Kathawadi. This district has various activities being conducted by Ashram like 2 Hostels:
1) Guhi established in 1979 houses 410 students
2) Kanashi established in 1989 houses 40 students

5) Dhule District:
This district has a large Vanavasi Population comprising of Bhill, Kokana, Pawara and Mawachi tribes. In Dhule district there are several projects including outstanding and prestigious Baripada Project.
1) There is a Girl’s Hostel at Devpura, housing 25 Girls

6) Nandurbar District:
The comparatively newly formed district has extensively hilly terrain the predominant population is Vanavasis of Bhill, Kokana, Pawara and Mawachi tribes.
There are 3 hostels for the students
1) Kanadi established in 1980 houses 28 students
2) Nawapur established in 1982 has 10 students
3) Akkalkuwa established in 1987 has 35 students

7) Ahmednagar District:
Vanavasi tribes in the district are Mahadeo Koli, Thakar and Bhill.
1) The Hostel at Akole housing 43 students was established in 1979

8) Nanded District:
The district situated in the South east border of the state has Vanavasi population of Mahadeo Koli, Gond, Kolam, Andh and Bhill tribes.
1) In this district there is 1 Hostel established in Kinwat which houses 20 students

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