During the period of 33 years, Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram could bring a sea change in the status of Vanavasis like,

-Entire generation of thousands of Educated, Cultured and Sophisticated Vanavasi youth was built up.
-Hundreds of Vanavasi youngsters having a constructive view of God will help those, who will help themselves.
-Thousands of Vanavasi are saved and protected from various ailments and infections through the assistance from Health Guards and Health centers.
-Through the Meditation centers, the anti national activities which were previously rampant in tribal belts are nearly stopped.
-A front of thousands of dedicated urban volunteers working for the National development through the development of Vanavasi brethren is formed.
-Through Eklavya Sports Meets, thousands of capable Sportsmen (Eklavyas) were traced.
-Several tribal women have become self reliant through their own self help groups and have helped in the development of their families and in turn the development of their villages.

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