Ranbhaji Mohotsav : 2nd year

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Maharashtra's Pune prant (district ) is proud to arrange 2nd yearly Ranbhaji  (Vegetables naturally grown in forest) ...

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Maharashtra’s Pune prant (district ) is proud to arrange 2nd yearly Ranbhaji  (Vegetables naturally grown in forest) mohosav (festival) at Aahupe and Kukdeshwar.

Here you would be able to buy the raw vegetable that you wouldn’t have seen yet if you did not visit the last year’s festival. Also you would be able to taste different recipes from these vegetables prepared by the native tribal ladies.

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram arranged a trips for this festival from departing from Chinchwad. Below are the details for these trips. These are weekend trips i.e. for 2 days and 1 nights and contribution per person is rs 1400/-.  There will be no charge for the kids below 6 years.


Trips itineraries
Place of visit and stay Date
Aahupe and stay at Dimbhe village 13th and 14th Aug 2016
Kukdeshwar and stay at Lenyadri 20th and 21st Aug 2016
Aahupe and stay at Dimbhe village 27th and 28th Aug 2016
Place Attractions
Aahupe  Centuries old sacred groves (devrai), high clif, valley,waterfalls
Kukdeshwar  Lenyadri Ganapati, Naneghat,The road Satavahan era originating from Kokan and the a vase made from stone to collect taxes that time, Origin of Kukdi rive,Ancient Hemadpanthi temple

And most important attraction of these trips is exotic taste of forrest vegetables.

For more information and enrolment please contact following volunteers.

Aahupe Trip contacts
Name  Number
Mrs Prachi Kulkarni   9975561276
Mrs Alpita Patankar  9168807733
Mrs Mrunal Pranjape  9657713850
Kukdeshwar Trip contacts
Name  Number
Mr Ashwin Khare  8805013452
Mr Rushabh Mutha  9850258408
Mrs Shubhangi Kanitkar  9860051589


Information leaflet

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